About Us & Mission

About Us

"Tomographers Anonymous" is an interdisciplinary group that brings together researchers collecting, analyzing, modeling or utilizing three-dimensional data sets, acquired through any type of tomography, regardless of the field.

We believe that by building and improving the communication between the researchers, we can:

  • Share, learn and be aware of new techniques to enhance the quality of research
  • Improve our efficiency by eliminating unnecessary hurdles other researchers have faced and overcome
  • Minimize the time it takes to get results

Our goal is to:

  • Establish a community of researchers utilizing tomography or enhancing tomographic techniques through their work
  • Build a strong network that will support current and future collaborations, regardless of the career paths our members decide to take

Tomographers Anonymous was founded in 2011 in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Today our community spans 76 researchers from over nine departments and multiple schools within Northwestern University. Our monthly meetings attract on average 21 researchers.


Tomographers Anonymous aims to initiate and improve communication as well as promote sharing of knowledge and experience among researchers involved in creating, analyzing, modeling or using three-dimensional data, acquired through any method of tomography, regardless of the discipline, therefore building a community of researchers working with or on topics applicable to tomography.

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